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    Our company has a very large range of specialists, guides, professionally speaking many foreign languages. Our guides have accreditations that make it possible to give tours in Moscow, St. Petersburg and in other regions of Russia. In Russia guide-interpreters, who provide their services in a foreign language, undergo lengthy training in the association of guide-interpreters. After completing these courses, experts pass exams on knowledge and guiding tours in various museums and estates, conducting pedestrian and sightseeing tours, knowledge of attractions. 

   Every year or after several years, depending on the rules established by individual museums, the guides confirm their knowledge and pass mandatory tests and exams. In this case, the current license of the guide-interpreter is extended. 

    Practically all guides of our company have one, and, as a rule, two degrees in Foreign Language, Cultural Studies, Art. Guides have the experience of 5 years or more. This enables our company to efficiently and professionally inform the guests of Russia about the cultural development of our country and cities, the history of development and ancient culture of our country. 

    All of our Arabic-speaking guides are Arabs with dual citizenship and long experience of living in Russia. They are well acquainted with Russian history, culture and traditions, and at the same time deeply understand Arab values. You will be guaranteed an Arabic warm welcome, intertwined with Russian hospitality, which will make your stay in Russia doubly cozy and informative. 

   In addition, we have licensed guides who speak English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Hebrew, Czech, Croatian, Italian, Swedish, Norwegian, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Farsi. 

   You can always make your choice in favor of a guide, depending on the language of the tour, age or gender of our guides-interpreters. 


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